Saturday, February 28, 2009

Commitment phobe?

Marriage. Eeek.  The thought of 2 people who know they love one another more than anyone else in the entire world is such an amazing and somewhat imaginary concept.  I see so many couples who seem happy, but simply- happy.  Not crazy-madly-fairytale in love with one another.  I think it is amazing when couples can make their relationship work for so many years and be genuinely happy through the good times and the bad.  The people who truly find happiness in their partner should be considered some of the luckiest people on earth.  

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

move on.

More and more throughout my life I crave change.  Significant change.  I settle for small changes, but after a certain period of time I want big change.  Perhaps its because I am not satisfied with my life, and when I am I will be okay with settling, but for right now I have the urge to start a new life in a new city. I graduate in about a year, and I can honestly not wait! I want to live by myself in California and finally be on my own.  Nothing is wrong with roommates but I think everyone should experience living by themselves someday.  Also, Utah is such a great place and I could see myself living here permanently one day, but if I never go outside my box I will regret it deeply. I have always wanted to live by the beach, and one day I will. I just hope that someday comes sooner rather than later. 

Sunday, December 14, 2008

the beginning.

Never thought I would blog. Ever.  However, I find myself thinking about so many interesting things in my life and want to share them or just write them down to remember.  My journal remains on my night stand shelve but has maybe 12 entires since the time I was 9.  I can't ever get the motivation to write in it unless it is a life-changing event! Nothing life-changing caused this blog creation, but I do hope that whoever stumbles upon it will appreciate my words and enjoy reading and exploring my life. 

...and also forgive me when I do not know what I am doing on this thing!  It's a work in progress.